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Sharper Edge Advantage, LLC | Dublin & Columbus, OH

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Lewis Vanlandingham

Founder and CEO of Sharper Edge Advantage, LLC

Lifelong Salesman - Lifelong Learner

About Lewis

After 23 years of sales success in a variety of contexts, Lewis now works with business owners and non-profit leaders to learn new ways to lead their selling interactions more effectively and efficiently so that they can do more good as they serve more customers. He has won numerous awards as a sales professional and trainer and is frequently invited to speak to local organizations and associations.

Numerous Record-Setting Orders

And Sales Achievement Awards


  • Sandler Training Rising Star Award (2015) 
  • Silver Award (2016)

Who is Lewis?

  • Mission: To inspire and empower others to do more good by serving those whom they serve best and most profitably
  • Husband and father of six
  • Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
  • Loves the outdoors - hiking, canoeing, camping, gardening
  • Rotarian - Active member of the Westerville Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Continuous learner- always in the middle of several books or audiobooks
  • First sales job: sold greeting cards and stationery door-to-door after answering ad in the back of a comic book
  • Graduated from University of Florida
  • DISC: High I: social, talkative